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Van Amburg Leathers

Opal Ember Wallet

Opal Ember Wallet

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Experience the fusion of nature's allure and craftsmanship with the Opal Ember Wallet. Forged from the premium Nile crocodile, it boasts a resplendent double-laced edge in contrasting hues. The interior is lined with the supplest kangaroo leather, offering a touch of luxury to your everyday essentials. This wallet is crowned with a dazzling Monarch AAA opal, serving as a centerpiece that catches the light and the eye. Ideal for those who seek a statement piece that embodies elegance and an adventurous spirit.

Leather: Nile Crocodile

Lacing: Italian Kangaroo

Lining: Italian Kangaroo

Size: 7.5′′×4.5′′

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